SWS- Whistleblowing System

Welcome to our reporting system!

This whistleblower system enables you to quickly and easily report any concerns you may have regarding misconduct that affects our business or the welfare of employees and third parties. The whistleblower system must not be used to make false accusations, and it is prohibited to make reports that contain information that is knowingly incorrect.

When submitting your report, you will enter a event report key to open a case in the whistleblowing system. For further communications, use both codes to log in to the whistleblowing system to track the processing status of your report.
This ensures the anonymity of the person reporting the violation and compliance with the data protection requirements. If you report information using your name, we guarantee that you will suffer no unjustified disadvantages. For the purposes of clarification, S├╝dwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG also protects the person affected by a report of non-compliance.
Further information on all data protection-relevant parts can be found our privacy policy.

The report is anonymous. All information about yourself is optional.

Make a copy of your event report id after sending the report. You can use this id to track your event report and contact the processing team anonymously.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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